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Grand Sports Stadium
Close to the Grand Hotel and Grand Night Market is a large stadium which holds Muay Thai matches every Friday night, with additional matches on Wednesdays in high season only. Fights start around 9 p.m. and finish at 11.30 p.m or later, and there are usually six or seven matches.
 Depending on the class of seat, tickets cost between 350 and 600 baht and can either be bought previously or on the night. Grand Sports Stadium has professional and amateur Thai fighters and regularly features western and other international competitors. They also have gym facilities which can be used every day and offer in-house training sessions.
Contact +66 (0)89 754 7801.

Thai Boxing Garden
Located downtown in a small street close to Poonsuk Road is the Thai Boxing Garden. Itīs a much smaller venue than the Grand and fights begin at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with ticket prices between 400 and 600 baht (slightly cheaper if you donīt want the included drink). Tickets can be bought in person at any time.
 The match format is fairly similar to the Grand but there are usually less renowned fighters competing here. However, itīs just as entertaining a place to watch Muay Thai and the crowd is right in the midst of the action. There are also gym facilities open daily between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. and spectators are welcome to watch the fighters training
Contact +66 (0)851 800 065 or +66 (0)32 515 269.
Muay Thai arenas
Muay Thai Training camps
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